About Red E Tools Ltd.

Red E Tools Ltd. is a company founded and run by programmers. Unlike other software companies which are generally owned by non-techies who farm out software development on the sly, Red E performs all its services “in house.” We design, deploy and customize any kind of computer software solution for any kind of problem. We are not a cheap company, if you are looking to cut costs and corners to get some product out the door, we are sure that Google can provide you with links to many “software farms” where you can accomplish your goal: saving money. We on the other hand are only interested in making great software that works, and we work closely with our customers on equal footing.

We handle every stage of software development, from design, implementation, internationalization and finally deployment. We are heavily involved in open source software, and maintain several production ready open sourced projects. To get a better idea about what we do, please have a look at our portfolio and projects pages.

What to expect from Red E

While we don’t say no often, you will hear this word, it is regrettable but our policy is to never promise what cannot be delivered. There are some things we don’t do for various reasons which will be explained to you in detail should they come up, which is actually very rare. We will help you to make informed decisions, we will explain the pros and cons of each type of technology and methodology and help you to decide which you like best. We will do this with brutal and uncompromising honesty, we will not sweet talk you into things and we will not baby you. Think of us as computer doctors. When you go to a doctor, he tells the truth, he discusses medications and procedures with you, and he leaves the ultimate choice up to you. You can’t go to a surgeon and say: “Yeah, I’d like heart surgery, but could I get the left ventricle in corn flower blue, and I’d like a bionic attachment that opens beer cans.”

When to contact us

You will need to know some non-technical things and bring them to a meeting with us.

  1. Your budget – It doesn’t matter what your budget is, $10,000 or $10,000,00, you will get a piece of software, within budget, for the exact value that you pay. Our hourly rates are not fixed, they depend on the Language, Platform, Difficulty of the Feature, and who will actually be programming it. Programmers with the skills required to do your feature may be scarce, scarce is more expensive. If you want some clicky buttons with Javascript, that’s easy, if you want a JSON API implemented in C that’s difficult, there aren’t that many people who can do it.
  2. Usage – How many people will be using the software,  10, 20, 20 million?
  3. Wishlist – What do you want it to do? What kind of experience do you want your users to have?


Our registered office is at…

Red (E) Tools Ltd.
160 Greendrive, Suite 101
19904 Dover, Delaware, USA

Please use the contact form if you would like to contact us directly.

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