Publishr is a Kindle/Ebook/Web publishing platform which marries Markdown, Latex, and Git repositories to manage large text projects and allows for one-click creation of high quality .epub, .mobi and .pdf files.

Main Features

  1. 1-click file creation for high-quality PDF, Kindle MOBI, EPUP and static websites
  2. Web Based interface to Git Source Control
  3. All text/books stored as kramdown (a markdown variant)
  4. Supports Images, LaTeX templates and more

Please see the full documentation at

Publishr is a web based front-end for the Open Source Ruby Gem publishr, also authored by Red (E) Tools Ltd, which makes extensive use of the excellent Ruby Gems kramdownwebgen as well as the typesetting system LaTex.


Static, multi-language webpage generation:

Get the source code

The Publishr web based front end is currently not open source. However, we will be happy if you send us a request for the source code.